About me

My name is Glenn McNamara, I’m 22 years old and I am an Economics, Politics and Law graduate from Dublin City University.

My interests range from my field of study, to the natural sciences, to history. I am by no means an expert on the latter two subjects, but I don’t believe this should prevent me participating in discourse on the topics, particularly when they tie into politics and economics.

About the blog

In recent years, political discourse has regressed to a state I had never seen in my relatively short lifetime. The rise of populism has polarised politics and people are struggling to see eye to eye more than has been seen in a generation. Before 2020, I seemed to be watching this polarisation from the side-lines as Ireland seemed to avoid the same level of conflict seen elsewhere in the world.

In February of this year, Ireland had a general election in which political discourse deteriorated to playground insults and cliched catchphrases. Whether it was on a national television debate stage, platforms like twitter, or face to face, few seemed to engage in an impartial discussion surrounding policies. Instead, people chose sides and dug in, ready to withstand whatever argument that could possibly come their way, with no intention of changing their opinions.

During this general election in which no party, from what I could see, deserved fully fledged support, people were overly eager to defend their party of choice, despite all of the major parties being subject to a great deal of criticism, and rightfully so. Therefore, I decided to make this blog, mostly to vent my frustrations, but also to have a platform where all are held accountable.


It’s easy for me to sit here and criticise everyone. I understand that in politics, choices must be made which are often difficult and I am not necessarily suggesting that I could do a better job. However, I think it’s important that we engage in a discussion where our opinions are fluid, not rigid and we can acknowledge that although we believe that our side of the political spectrum, or our political party is preferable, it is not perfect.

It is also important to let you all know that I am definitely left of centre when it comes to politics. If you think my articles are biased towards this view, please let me know in the comments.